10 Best Denver Eye Surgeons

Denver Eye SurgeonsTo be classified as one of the 10 best Denver eye surgeons, lots of satisfied past patients must be talking. Not all of the eye surgeons on this list have several decades of experience, but they do have one thing in common – insurmountable skills. Operating on an area as delicate of the eye with a great success rate means that future clients can put their trust in your hands. Here are 10 of the best LASIK surgeons in the Denver, Colorado area.

1. Dr. Rajiv Kumar – Dr. Kumar hails from the Denver Eye Surgeons eye care center, a facility known nationwide for its highly trained physicians.

2. Dr. Paul Cutarelli – Named one of the top Denver eye surgeons by his peers several years in a row, Dr. Cutarelli runs his own private practice.

3. Dr. Benjamin Warta – He is one of the only eye surgeons in Denver that also offers refractive cataract surgery.

4. Dr Todd Maus – Dr. Maus is proud to offer services such as lens implant surgery and PRK corrective eye procedures to all of his patients.

5. Dr. Robert King – This pediatric ophthalmologist has received countless awards and honors for his e excellent work. Dr. King may specialize in pediatrics, but he also operates on adults.

6. Dr. John A. Bryant – As one of the leading Denver eye surgeons in his practice, Dr. Bryant enjoys training new staff almost as much as he takes pride in giving his patients a new lease on life.

7. Dr. David Drucker – The founder of Drucker Eyes, Dr. David Drucker is pleased to be listed as one of the best Denver eye surgeons.

8. Dr. Jan Stahl – This Center based ophthalmologist also works out of Denver Eye Surgeons.

9. Dr. Lawrence Spivack – Dr. Spivack not only received part of his professional education in Colorado, he has run his practice out of Denver for the past two decades.

10. Dr. Elizabeth Failla – Although Dr. Failla has only been an ophthalmologist for 10 years, she has proven her skills and dedication to her craft time and time again.