10 Best Plastic Surgeons In US

Best Plastic SurgeonsAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that all patients considering any cosmetic procedure and looking for the best plastic surgeons in US check their website as a comprehensive guide to find only the best and the most qualified plastic surgeons in your area. On their website you can also read other patients’ testimonials and learn about the basics of common plastic surgery procedures so you are prepared before you schedule an interview with your doctor.

Unfortunately, too many times plastic surgery patients fall prey to dishonest medical practitioners who are not qualified and do not otherwise possess any medical credentials to perform complex plastic surgery procedures. So many unfortunate plastic surgery outcomes could be avoided by doing the research in advance and finding top plastic surgeons that specialize in specific procedures you are seeking to receive.

1. Steven J White, MD was rated among the best plastic surgeons in America and prides himself to accomplishing the most natural looking and harmonious outcomes of plastic surgery. Dr. White specializes in breast augmentations, tummy tucks, body contouring and brow lift plastic surgery and facial reconstructive surgeries.

2. Joseph J Disa, MD, FACS is among the best plastic surgeons in NYC who focus their research mainly on post cancerous reconstructive plastic surgery of the breast, neck and shoulders. Dr Disa is deeply involved in teaching and contributing to a number of plastic surgery related publications.

3. Harold Gewirtz, MD practices in Stamford Hospital in CT and is focused on facial plastic surgery, body contouring and breast enhancement procedures. He is also one of Board Certified plastic surgeons.

4. Peter G. Cordeiro, MD, FACS is a Harvard graduate who focuses his career on microsurgery and breast reconstructive procedures. Dr Cordeiro also developed a number of state of the art techniques on using free flaps for facial and breast restoration procedures.

5. David Hidalgo, MD practices in NY Presbyterian Hospital and calls the following areas of his plastic surgery expertise: facial cosmetic surgery, laser face lift, rhinoplasty and breast augmentations.

6. John Persing, MD practices with Yale Medical Group in New Haven, CT and is deeply involved in pediatric and adult facial plastic surgery reconstructive procedures, cosmetic surgery and craniofacial disorders.

7. Jess Ting, MD is a young and very highly awarded plastic surgeon who practices in Mount Sinai Medical Center in NY is especially focused on performing facial reconstructive procedures, breast reductions and enlargements, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty procedures.

8. Dr. Hochstein, MD is among highly honored and awarded best plastic surgeons who practices in Miami, FL. Dr H performs a myriad of facial and body reconstructive and rejuvenating procedures ranging from face lifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast corrections and body contouring.

9. Fred Seuss, MD is among the best plastic surgeons in CA performing a number of less invasive cosmetic procedures like laser and ultrasonic liposuction, facial enhancement fillers and more. He also performs many popular plastic surgeries like eye lid corrections, facial liposuction, nose jobs, breast enlargement and reduction.

10. Grant Stevens, MD practices in Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey, CA. Dr Stevens performs a number of endoscopic, laser and traditional plastic surgery techniques like breast corrections, body contouring, facial implants, full body lifts and a variety of cosmetic procedures.