10 Best Scar Removal Options

Best Scar RemovalOur skin is a self-regenerating organ of the body and has tremendous potential in healing and repairing its damaged areas due to cuts, burns, acne or surgical incisions. Unfortunately, the new skin that is haphazardly formed by our bodies to replace the damaged one is often discolored, hairless, pore-less, and frankly, could be quite disfiguring if it’s located in the open areas of the face, arms or legs.

Modern dermatological science has made major advances in the field of the best scar removal methods that this article will outline. Your best scar removal option strongly depends on what type of scar you are trying to remove.

1. Laser acne scar removal is a very successful treatment that can also be used for other facial scar removal scenarios that utilizes laser light to remove the outer surface of the skin and boost skin’s own collagen production.

2. Dermabrasion is the best scar removal procedure if you have relatively small in appearance scars or blemishes that can be successfully removed by a crystal-tipped electrical device. Your dermatologist will need multiple sessions to resurface the scar formations layer by layer to reveal a healthier and less pigmented skin.

3. Chemical peel is the best method for acne and chicken pox scar removal cases, however it’s contra-indicated for dark skin as it will cause severe discoloration of the skin pigment. Chemical peel procedure uses various types of acids to literally erase the upper layer of the scar and surrounding areas to fade and diminish the size of your imperfections.

4. Fresh scars are the best candidates for steroid injection scar treatment that can greatly improve the healing of the skin and result in a flatter and less obvious scar.

5. Fat transfer is a non-invasive scar removal surgery if you have superficial scars and want to improve their appearance. Fat is removed from the area of thighs, buttocks or abdomen and injected around the scar area; it takes at least 3-4 repeat procedures to reach the desired effect as the body tends to reabsorb its own fat.

6. Pigment-free tattooing is often recommended as best scar removal for scars that appear whiter than the surrounding areas of the face and prompts scar tissue to alter its pigment to a more natural looking one.

7. Botox injections are not only for wrinkle treatments, they can also become your best scar removal strategies if applied directly to a fresh wound. Botox injections help immobilize the tissues and form a better looking scar.

8. Collagen injections help raise indented scar lines and improve their appearance by supplying lacking areas of the skin of important skin protein that makes it look young and supple.

9. Surgical scar removal method is very effective to correct very large and disfiguring skin impairments. Old scar tissue is dissected in a zig-zag fashion to help wound edges heal better and form a thinner and smoother scar pattern.

10. Cryosurgical scar removal method focuses on creating a freezer burn scenario on the upper layer of your scar skin that causes scar to re-heal and sometimes reduce its size.

Whatever scar removal procedure you choose with the help of your doctor, it’s important to know that it’s impossible to completely remove any scar, however it’s possible to make it appearance somewhat less noticeable.