10 Delicious Foods That That Lower Blood Pressure

foods that lower blood pressureAlmost as important as medication, lifestyle changes are critical to controlling hypertension. Common sense modifications such as increasing exercise and reducing stress are no brainers to people who are hip to hypertension, however a high blood pressure diet can also play a crucial role

, and not just in reducing salt intake and incorporating a small amount of adult libation here and there, but also by incorporating some foods that lower blood pressure naturally as well. Not only can this reduce your numbers, which will make subsequent trips to the doctor’s office less stressful, but high blood pressure symptoms like headaches might potentially be alleviated in some cases as well. Using foods that lower blood pressure as part of a common sense diet and exercise plan that controls weight and stress levels as well can even in the long term reduce or eliminate the amount of prescription medication needed to control hypertension which can in turn reduce the risk of blood pressure medication side effects and interactions. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten foods to help lower blood pressure naturally and they can all be easily integrated into an everyday diet. Choose your favorites or combine them for additional benefits!

1. Sunflower Seeds: This staple of ballparks can be a useful snack for reducing hypertension when consumed in moderation and between meals.

2. Bananas: Not only are they packed with potassium, essential for many body processes and functions, bananas are also useful as foods that lower blood pressure too! Enjoy them as a snack or sliced over cereal.

3. Spinach: Popeye didn’t just enjoy spinach because it gave him superhuman strength, he also likely was thinking about his heart when he devoured can after can of the leafy greens. Chock full of essential vitamins and nutrients, spinach can also serve as a useful edible for lowering hypertension and is a great part of any diet plan.

4. Oats: Oats have long been touted for their ability to promote heart health and reduce cholesterol and their cardiovascular benefits don’t stop there. Enjoy them in the morning or anytime the mood strikes for a filling feast to reap the hypertension reducing benefits of oats.

5. Potatoes: Usually diets shun the incorporation of this starchy root veg however regular and more notably, sweet potatoes are both foods that lower blood pressure naturally. However, you will have to avoid the urge to slather them in butter, grease and of course, salt, in order to truly benefit from the power of potatoes.

6. Garlic: This pungent food flavorer is well known for a variety of health benefits and it’s abilities to stave off high blood pressure are just another notch in its belt of health. Use it to spice up your entrees and salads and combine it with other hypertension food foes for maximum benefit.

7. Onions: Onions are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications; however this sentiment inducing bulb can also be a practical addition to any diet targeted at reducing high blood pressure too.

8. Olives: An appetizer staple and great on the go snack, olives are thought to also be potential hypertension fighters that can naturally reduce high blood pressure.

9. Oregano: One of the most popular herbal remedies for high blood pressure, this herb has many medicinal uses and can be easily introduced into various varieties of dishes for added flavor and healthful benefits as well.

10. Cinnamon: Arguably the sweetest of all foods that lower blood pressure naturally, cinnamon can provide an excuse to indulge in the occasional sweet treat. Add it to coffee, cocoa and desserts (enjoyed in moderation of course) for hypertension benefits!