10 Things You Need to Know about Birthmark Removal

Birthmark RemovalBirthmark removal process can be simple or complicated, depending on the type of birthmark and treatment being performed. There are ten important things you need to know before considering any birthmark removal procedure:

1. Vascular birthmarks occur in about ten percent of newborn infants each year. This number means that close to half a million children will be born in the United States this year with this condition.

2. Laser birthmark removal is normally the preferred method if surgery is required. This will depend on the specific birthmark type and severity though.

3. A strawberry birthmark has a bright red color, thanks to a terrific blood supply. Usually these marks will shrink and fade over time, but if it is severe or disfiguring then you may want to consider treatment.

4. Birthmark removal can be done in fifteen minutes or less if the birthmark is small or superficial and a laser is used.

5. Newborn birthmarks usually do not require any treatment. These may also be called stork bites, angel kisses, and other names, and they are usually small and shrink substantially before the baby reaches their second birthday. More than half of all babies are born with at least one of these birthmarks.

6. Birthmark removal surgery is usually not medically needed, unless the birthmark is severe or interferes with your activities. Consult your doctor to determine if removing the birthmark is the best choice considering all the factors and circumstances.

7. Port wine stains are vascular malformations, caused by too much blood to that area of the skin. Lasers can work well on these birthmarks, but several treatments may be needed if the color is deep or darker.

8. Recovery is fast with most birthmark removal procedures. Unless you require traditional surgery methods you will be back to normal within a day or two of your procedure.

9. There are some risks involved, which is true of any procedure no matter how simple it might seem. Know the risks before you agree to any birthmark removal.

10. Early removal of birthmarks will increase the success you see from the treatment. Consult with a specialist as soon as a birthmark is noticed for the best possible results.