10 Tips to Restore Female Hormone Imbalance

Female Hormone ImbalanceFemale hormone imbalance is a very serious medical condition that requires a professional medical evaluation and testing in order to pin-point the exact levels of your hormones to address your specific medical situation. Depending on what type of hormonal imbalance you have, your doctor will recommend the right treatment for you.
Along with conventional methods to treat female hormone imbalance, there are a lot of holistic approaches to restore balance to your hormonal function.

1. De-stressing your life is the most important step you can take on the road to control female hormone imbalance. High cortisol levels that are produced in response to chronic stress can wreck havoc in your hormone production. Eventually, high stress leads to adrenal fatigue characterized by low cortisol symptoms of fatigue, multiple heart and lung dysfunctions and inability for the body to handle stress.

2. Liver is responsible for excessive hormone elimination from our bodies, if your body is continuously exposed to a myriad of environmental and dietary toxins, liver can no longer properly cleanse our systems additionally contributing to estrogen dominance symptoms. Milk thistle, dandelion and yellow dock are ideal herbs to detox your liver.

3. Consider switching to organic dairy, egg and meat products preferably locally produced and minimally processed to reduce chemical exposure.

4. Consume a variety of raw vegetables, dried beans and lentils that contain high amounts of fiber necessary to help body eliminate toxins and aid in establishing female hormonal balance.

5. Keep your beauty regimen as natural as possible as a lot of cosmetic products like nail polish, perfumes, hair sprays, anti-aging creams and lotions are loaded with formaldehydes and parabens that can have estrogen-like effect on the body.

6. Try using only natural house cleaning products as traditional cleaners contain high levels of bleach, toxic fumes that could be detrimental for female health. Baking soda, borax powder, lemon juice and white vinegar are all fantastic natural cleaners for your house.

7. Avoid Xenoestrogens, man-made synthetic compounds, as much as possible as they can lead to estrogen dominance symptoms. Xenoestrogens can be found in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, plastic water bottles, soy foods and in a lot of packaged and heavily processed groceries.

8. Choose alternative methods of contraception to birth control pills that are dangerous synthetic hormones contributing to female hormone imbalance. Talk to your gynecologist about safer options like condoms, diaphragms or rhythm birth control methods.

9. Dong Quai, a phytoestrogen product, can naturally address estrogen deficiency associated with menopausal symptoms and address female hormone imbalance in older women.

10. Exercising can help naturally raise low progesterone levels essential for regulating a woman’s fertility and overall health. Choose a physical activity that will not only allow you to stay in shape but will help you relax and feel rejuvenated. Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates will strengthen and elongate your core muscles and ease tension necessary for proper hormone function.