10 Useful Tips that May Help You Cure Constipation

Cure ConstipationConstipation is a very common malady almost all of us face at various stages of our lives. Most of us do not know how easy it is to cure constipation naturally without any use of hazardous laxative drugs, implementing only simple ingredients and making small lifestyle changes.

A successful program to cure constipation fast will target two most important elements that usually lie at the foundation of all digestive problems. First, diet for constipation should include plenty of fresh and natural ingredients that come as close to the nature as possible, skip all packaged convenience foods and try to eat meals at regular intervals. Second, in order to cure constipation quickly, you should include some simple exercise strategies that will help stimulate intestines and ease waste masses down the digestive tract.

Let’s review some of the useful tips on how to cure constipation naturally:

1. Drink a glass of room temperature water upon awakening and perform pelvic rotation exercises. Water will help stimulate your internal organs and kick start your digestive process.

2. Certain Yoga asanas are great for providing relief for constipation. Try doing Sun Salutations to gently massage internal organs and cure constipation.

3. Colon cleanse product is one of the best natural remedies for constipation, especially if nothing you had tried before worked, because you stool masses might be so tightly compacted inside your colon, preventing newly formed feces from escaping. You can buy a colon cleanse kit at your local natural foods store and perform it at home.

4. Oil pulling is a very simple but incredibly effective way to remove toxins from your body and cure constipation quickly. As soon as you wake up in the morning, (before you eat, drink or brush teeth) take one tablespoon of any cold pressed cooking oil and roll it in your mouth without swallowing for 15 minutes. Do not swallow the oil and spit it out after you are done. The spit will contain a lot of toxins that your body released through your saliva.

5. Bottle-fed babies and constipation go hand in hand in a lot of cases, since formula is much harder on a baby’s digestive system than mother’s milk and causes hard and difficult to pass stools to form. Once you baby is ready for his first taste of real food at around 4-6 months, do not feed him/her cereals since they almost always cause constipation, try pureed avocado or banana, that are both nutritious and delicious and will not cause constipation symptoms.

6. Do not rely on laxatives as your cure for constipation since you can quickly become dependent on them, even on natural varieties and might not be able to go on your own.

7. Irritable bowl syndrome is a very common contributor to your constipation symptoms due to erratic spasms affecting your large intestines and interfering in the proper work of your digestive system.

8. If you are unable to cure constipation effectively no matter how hard you try and what methods you implement, have your doctor run a blood test to check your thyroid hormone levels. Underactive thyroid can lead to constipation.

9. Supplement your diet for constipation with a high quality fiber supplement like organic psyllium that contains good quantities of the insoluble fiber necessary to cleanse your colon and help move the fecal masses out of your body faster.

10. For serious constipation cure and when you need a quick relief, try using an enema at home that uses warm enema water solution to wash away compacted stools from your colon. Do not use enemas on a regular basis as they can interfere with colon’s good bacteria and pH balance.