10 Ways to Deal with Loud Snoring

Loud SnoringSometimes, no matter how many quick fixes we will try for a snoring problem, whether it be herbal sleep aids or actual snore remedies, the annoying nightly occurrence of loud snoring just won’t go away. At least, that’s what your bed partner tells you. While you think you’re catching some decent Z’s for the night, your bed partner, and possibly everyone else in the household including the dog are ready to put a sock in your mouth to control the loud snoring that keeps them awake.

The following are 10 ways to deal with loud snoring:

1. To prevent loud snoring, try sleeping on the side and keep your head slightly elevated. Just in case it doesn’t work, don’t face your partner.

2. Have your doctor order a polysonogram to study sleeping habits including snoring, sleep apnea, limb movement, and more.

3. For snoring, try a sleep apnea dental appliance. There are various sleep apnea devices which dually conquer snoring and sleep apnea problems.

4. Obesity will play a role in loud snoring. Dropping some pounds will benefit health, quality of sleep, and the annoyance of snoring.

5. Some people take sleep aids, including herbal sleep aids, to alleviate snoring. However, while some of these supplements may get you sleeping, everyone else will be stay awake as you snore to beat the band.

6. Consuming alcohol before bed will over-relax the throat muscles and tighten the respiratory tract which will enhance snoring abilities.

7. Sleep apnea devices will resolve a loud snoring problem while is treats the apnea condition.

8. So that your partner doesn’t put the extra pillow over your face to stop the loud snoring, use that extra pillow under your head. Being propped up will alleviate some of the snoring.

9. Take a steamy shower before bedtime to open all airway passages. A steam vaporizer will do the same.

10. Nasal strips which fit across the top of the nose can be purchased at your local drug store. This may be a temporary fix for congestion which may cause loud snoring.