12 Foods With Vitamin B12 Everyone Should Know!

Foods With Vitamin B12By far, the best foods with vitamin B12 tend to come from the sea. Although shellfish is one of the best vitamin B12 food sources, you can eat a completely vegetarian diet with no danger of becoming deficient. These are the 12 best foods that you can eat to get all vitamin B complex benefits.

1. Clams – If you eat some type of shellfish everyday, you will never have vitamin b12 deficiency.

2. Mussels – Like clams, this shellfish are very rich in vitamin b.

3. Beef – For people who are allergic to clams, beef is another good option. Eat a few small servings of lean beef daily for the best results possible.

4. Fish – Eating fish such as salmon and whiting can be just as effective as b12 shots weight loss. For people who don’t like needles, consuming fish is a much better choice.

5. Whole grain cereal – Foods with vitamin b12 are usually meat based, but whole grain cereals are one of the few exceptions to this rule.

6. Organ meats – Liver, hearts, gizzards and other organ meats are great examples of foods with vitamin b12.

7. Soy milk – Whole milk can easily be substituted with low-fat or even soy milk. If you opt for soy milk, you will get enough vitamin b12 in food to prevent you from becoming anemic.

8. Oatmeal – Out of all the foods with vitamin b12, oatmeal is one of the most balanced and rich choices out there. Oatmeal is good for the heart in addition to having more vitamin b12 than other grains.

9. Lamb – This another good source of vitamin b, provided that you are not a vegetarian.

10. Crabs – Crabs can be eaten any number of ways, which will give both your diet and your palate optimal variety.

11. Venison – Deer meat or venison is chocked full of this important vitamin. Make sure the meat is cleaned thoroughly and fresh before enjoying.

12. Pork – From ribs to bacon, there are many different ways to prepare pork. Of course, you will want to eat only the leanest cuts of pork and eat it in moderation.