5 Best Facial Muscle Exercises

Facial Muscle ExercisesWhen it comes to exercise, our tummies and derrieres are not the only place of our bodies to get a workout. Believe it or not, facial muscle exercises< are also performed for toning and strengthening, anti aging, and more. Facial muscle exercises promote better circulation and firmness to prevent age-like droopiness and eliminate wrinkles. Exercises for the face can be done any place and at any time. Equipment is not needed. And, it doesn’t take a yearly pass at the gym to get the results you are looking for. In fact, you can be sitting at your desk at work in front of your computer doing facial muscle exercises and no one would even know it.

The following are the 5 best facial muscle exercises:

1. A facial toning exercise will consist of widening the mouth like you’re about to scream at the same time the eyes widen while staring forward before returning to the original position. Then, repeat this process five or so rounds while shifting the head from side to side.

2. Neck strengthening exercises will include holding a hand to the side of the head while attempting to turn the head to the shoulder. Resist the move with the hand and hold for five seconds.

3. One of the anti aging exercises which works its magic on crow’s feet is to lower the eyelids as the upper eyelids keep still. Repeat the process 10 times.

4. One of the facial exercises for jowls is to smile a little smile. At the same time, purse your lips to a closed position while flexing the neck muscles. Hold that position and continue to repeat for at least a minute.

5. A facial massage on a regular basis will aid in enhancing circulation. A massage will also relax a tired face. Simply massage the muscles in your face in a circular motion.