5 Best Hip Resurfacing Doctors in US

Hip Resurfacing DoctorsYour choice among the many hip resurfacing doctors available to you will ultimately determine the success of your procedure. That is why it’s beyond imperative to not only have a good doctor / patient relationship, but also to seek out and find doctors that are very experienced in hip resurfacing. The skill level and experience of your selected physician can literally make or break your positive outcome and there have been unfortunately too many cases of joint surgeries in all fields such as anterior hip replacement, resurfacing techniques and minimally invasive procedures that have gone poorly due to an inexperienced surgeon. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best orthopedic surgeons in the United States based on their experience with resurfacing and / or years in practice and procedures performed. You may want to start your search right here with our top 5 list of hip resurfacing doctors!

1. Dr. James Rector: Dr. Rector performed the first Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in the State of Colorado and has over 3 decades of experience. His dedication to patient care and an extensive positive track record of over 500 hip resurfacing procedures performed make him a solid choice among hip resurfacing doctors.

2. Dr. Thomas Gross: A pioneer known for leadership involving metal on metal hip resurfacing, Dr. Gross is truly a specialist among hip resurfacing doctors. Hailing from Johns Hopkins University and training under some of the world leaders in hip surgery have made him a true expert in the field.

3. Dr. Randall Jennings: Dr. Jennings is known for his emphasis in patient care and his dedication to each and every prospective patient. He has a special emphasis on athletes, who are frequently the recipients of hip ails. Bringing activity back into people’s lives is a big bonus for Dr. Jennings.

4. Dr. Edwin Su: Fascinated early in medical school with the power of surgery to restore movement to suffering individuals, Dr. Su was amazed at advanced in orthopedic surgery. It’s no wonder that this passion translated into his being a very well known New York leader among hip resurfacing doctors.

5. Dr. Stephen Raterman: Highly regarded, experienced and respected in his field, Dr. Raterman has the credentials and accolades to more than qualify him as one of the best hip resurfacing doctors in the United States. His innovative approach to restoring mobility makes him an expert in the field.