5 Best LASIK Albuquerque Locations

LASIK AlbuquerqueYou might not think that there are a ton of places offering LASIK Albuquerque services, but the list professional treatment facilities is long and quite impressive. Surgeons specializing in pediatrics, refractory laser procedures and even cataract treatments can be found in Albuquerque. Before you go to just any doctor offering all-laser LASIK procedures, find out who employs the very best ophthalmologists in the state.

1. Lasik America Inc – Laser eye surgery reviews indicate that the team of surgeons working at Lasik America Inc is friendly, highly skilled and trained to perform lots of specialized corrective eye procedures.

2. Newman Lasik Center – This Lasik Albuquerque clinic has gone by a couple of different names, but its founder, Dr. Newman, still performs many complex surgeries on site. With a fresh pool of talent and thousands of satisfied clients, it’s not hard to see why the Newman Lasik Center gets great marks.

3. LasikPlus Vision Center – Open seven days a week, the LasikPlus Vision Center offers the newest corrective eye procedures as well as PRK laser eye surgery. This state of the art laser eye surgery facility also has several locations outside of New Mexico.

4. Eye Associates of New Mexico – The chief LASIK Albuquerque surgeon at Eye associates of New Mexico is Dr. Mark Chui. You don’t have to pay a premium laser eye surgery price to restore your sight when you visit the skilled staff at this location.

5. Eye Institute of Albuquerque – Located near a major highway, the Eye Institute of Albuquerque has been in business for nearly as long as LASIK eye surgery has been approved by the FDA. LASIK Albuquerque surgeon Dr. Alfred Lovato uses some of the best techniques and equipment in the business to help his patients see in a new light.

Choose any one of these five LASIK eye facilities in New Mexico and you will not be sorry that you have decided to have this procedure done. After you are done recovering, you will be able to go without contact lenses or glasses, and your newly improved vision will never diminish.