5 Best Natural Androgen Blockers

Natural Androgen BlockersHormones are used in all sorts of applications to treat conditions afflicting both men and women. Women for instance, may experience androgenic effects such as hirutism, or, excess facial fair. Men may find that a hormone imbalance makes building muscle difficult or may explore androgen blockers with their health care provider for prostate cancer. Female infertility treatment often includes medications that regulate hormone balance and some people can end up using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for conditions related to an imbalance within the body’s endocrine system. Depending on your symptoms, you may be looking at antiandrogens, and if you’re not hip to medication, you’ll be happy to know that nature provides. In fact, coming across natural androgen blockers is easier than you think and may take nothing more than scooping up a supplement or heading to the grocery store. Check out our list of the top 5 natural androgen blockers that you may want to consider for symptom relief!

1. Cruciferous Vegetables: A powerful component contained within broccoli, cauliflower and kale can serve as a potent hormone ally. Diindolymethane is this active powerhouse that is even used in medications to treat HPV related conditions. While it’s easy to find medications containing this powerful ingredient, you can benefit from the natural androgen blockers contained within by munching away on these tasty veggies.

2. Licorice Root: Love it or hate it, there are powerful medicinal properties in licorice. It has been shown to interact with the body’s endocrine system and reduce the amounts of testosterone in the body, making a powerful combatant among natural androgen blockers. But, don’t get too carried away and binge on this flavorful food because an over abundance can potentially raise your blood pressure.

3. Spearmint: Any woman who has had to deal with the unfortunate effects of a mustache has possibly heard about one of the most commonly overlooked natural androgen blockers, spearmint.

4. Don Quai: This Asian plant that hails from China and Japan has been shown to have antiandrogenic properties and is becoming popular among people looking for natural androgen blockers. You may have a hard time finding this plant, but might have better success finding supplements containing Don Quai.

5. Red Stinkwood: The name sounds about as unappealing as it gets, but this common looking African plant has been thought to be effective for everything from kidney disease to insanity. It also contains atraic acid, which is thought to be antiandrogenic.