5 Best Nodular Acne Treatment Options

nodular acne treatmentNodular acne is a severe form of acne that can cause discomfort and can also be very painful. Most often, dome shaped lesions are present and these are solid and inflamed. Bumps can also be present as well.

This particular kind of acne is often resistant to even the best over the counter acne treatment, and as such, many people become frustrated when looking for an effective acne treatment for their symptoms. Because it’s so similar to the cystic form of acne, it’s not unusual that many options for cystic acne treatment are also useful in treating the nodular form as well. However, that does not mean that all creams, lotions and ointments are useful in providing nodular acne treatment and many mild drug store brands are completely useless against it. In fact, even well known acne combaters such as proactive acne treatment are largely ineffective against both the cystic and nodular forms of the condition. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best picks for nodular acne treatment that you should consider if you are facing this condition, however, you should be under the care of a dermatologist because this serious form of acne can cause other adverse effects such as scarring.

1. Isotretinoin: This prescription medication is useful as a nodular acne treatment and is most often called in where other treatments have failed. For people who have been trying to use over the counter topicals, these more potent prescriptions are useful to not only provide nodular acne treatment but also to help prevent scarring and further skin damage that can result from this more severe form of acne.

2. Exposed Acne Treatment: Containing medicinal ingredients like benzoyl peroxide as well as salicylic acid as well as skin improving ingredients such as passion flower and green tea, Exposed acne products are purportedly useful as a nodular acne treatment in some cases, although this product should still be used under the care and advice of a dermatologist.

3. Contraceptives: In some cases, the use of oral contraceptives can be useful in nodular acne treatment if for nothing else, symptom control. This can be particularly useful in women who have other issues with acne to begin with when the causes are a result of excess sebum. Again however, this form of nodular acne treatment is no substitute for the care of a dermatologist.

4. Vitamin A Based Prescriptions: Medications such as Tretenoin, Tazarac and Differin are useful as a nodular acne treatment when over the counter remedies have failed and are often effective at reducing the appearance and symptoms of nodular acne. There are some side effects associated with vitamin A prescription products however such as increased sensitivity to sun, and these should be discussed with your dermatologist before use.

5. Antibiotics: Sometimes, bacteria are the primary cause of various forms of acne, and if your dermatologist suspects that this might be the case, he or she may prescribe antibiotics to help not only treat the acne, but also to help reduce some of the symptoms of the condition such as swelling, redness and inflammation as well.