5 Best Underactive Thyroid Natural Remedies

Underactive Thyroid Natural RemediesUnderactive thyroid natural remedies are perhaps the easiest ways to reverse low thyroid symptoms. They help to naturally regulate the thyroid function without the harsh side effects of the medications. If your doctor has diagnosed you as having hypothyroidism, chances are, you have already been placed on an underactive thyroid diet, rich in iodine and protein.

To ensure that you have the best treatment available, you should mix your new diet with underactive thyroid natural remedies. Women who are within childbearing years will benefit from underactive thyroid natural remedies because underactive thyroid and pregnancy can be a dangerous combination if not closely monitored. A pregnant mother can easily pass low thyroid symptoms to her unborn child and this can cause problems with development.

The 5 best underactive thyroid natural remedies are listed below:

1. Oxygen therapy helps to increase brain and nervous system function which aids in the healing process. As the body struggles to produce the proper thyroid levels, it begins to weaken in other areas. Oxygen therapy reduces the damage caused by hypothyroidism and makes the immune system stronger.

2. Vitamins A & D, Zinc and Copper – All of these vitamins and minerals should be taken on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the amounts required, 1000 micrograms per day, generally exceed the recommended daily allowance. You may not find sufficient quantities in a multi-vitamin and will need to purchase each separately.

3. Flax seed or oil – Flax seeds or flax oil are considered essential fatty acids and are responsible for healthy glands and overall health.

4. Herbs like kelp, Irish moss and seaweed are excellent underactive thyroid natural remedies because they help balance hormones. Sea plants have more natural iodine than any other plants available.

5. Massage the thyroid glands on a daily basis to stimulate hormone growth and check your levels regularly.

As you can see, the best underactive thyroid natural remedies can really help you restore your body to a healthy state. Following these steps, along with your doctor’s advice will increase your low thyroid levels safely, but effectively.

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