5 Facts About Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

 Wide Nose RhinoplastyMany representatives of certain ethnic groups seek wide nose rhinoplasty to heighten the aesthetic appearance of their noses, make them look more defined and balanced in the overall facial look. In ethnic wide nose rhinoplasty it’s important to preserve the ethnic heritage and not make the nose look too western.

African American nose jobs are performed by experienced plastic surgeons specializing in ethnic wide nose rhinoplasty with its multiple challenges that are not present among Caucasian patients. African American, Asian and Hispanic patients tend to have naturally thicker and more porous skin with an abundant layer of fatty tissues underneath that poses a degree of difficulty in achieving a more refined and balanced look.

Read the 5 important facts below to learn more about ethnic wide nose rhinoplasty:

1. Wide nose rhinoplasty is a combination of surgical measures for achieving more balanced nasal features with properly defined bridge and tip of the nose to correct under-projected and wide nasal structures common among African American, Hispanic and Asian ethnic groups.

2. Since ethnic wide nose rhinoplasty requires placing external excisions, two at the base of both nostrils and one in the columella in the middle, the problem of scarring and nasal asymmetry is common even among experienced plastic surgeons.

3. African American or Korean rhinoplasty nasal alterations are focusing on enhancing the flatter shape of the nose and using patient’s own cartilage grafts to create a more defined tip of the nose.

4. Finding a board certified plastic surgeon whose area of expertise is mostly African American or Asian nose jobs will ensure that your surgeon understands all the innovative techniques to elevate your ethnic nasal features while preserving your unique heritage and without making it look overdone.

5. Cost of a nose job for ethnic alterations is not always higher as one might assume, however, in certain cases if you need additional cartilage grafts, it might require additional surgery time resulting in higher wide nose rhinoplasty costs.