5 Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms To Watch Out For

liver cirrhosis symptomsCommonly a result of the effects of alcohol abuse but caused by other conditions as well, cirrhosis affects the liver by forming scar tissue which can be destructive and prevent the organ from functioning as it should. While later signs and symptoms in more advanced liver cirrhosis stages are easier to identify

, those associated with the early development may be more difficult to spot which can make lifestyle changes like alcohol abstinence and a low sodium diet plan more effective and easier to implement. They can also trigger a trip to the doctor’s office to identify these early liver cirrhosis symptoms which will allow for proper and prompt diagnosis making treatment more likely to be effective and also to rule out other conditions with similar signs that can be comparable to cirrhosis such as the symptoms of liver disease. We’ve prepared a short list of five signs you should be on the lookout for that could be early indicators that your liver is suffering:

1. Easy Bruising and Nosebleeds: If you’re noticing that a game of punch bug is leaving you looking black and blue or you are having unwarranted nosebleeds, they might be early liver cirrhosis symptoms. However, be aware that these can also be symptoms of other health conditions, and you will need a medical evaluation to determine what is causing these unusual anomalies.

2. Changes in the Nails: The nails can provide a lot of clues as to what’s going on within the body and some early liver cirrhosis symptoms include changes in the nails that are very peculiar. Changing in color from pinkish to more white as well as abnormal curving which can make the shape appear more club like are all indicators that something may be amiss. Of course, these signs can mean nothing at all or be markers of another health condition, and they should be evaluated accordingly by a health care professional.

3. Male Breast Enlargement: There are few logical explanations for breast growth in males and because cirrhosis causes the destruction of female sex hormones, the effects on men can include not only an odd set of breasts but also a reduction in the size of the testes. These often alarming liver cirrhosis symptoms should certainly prompt a visit to the doctor’s office.

4. Darkening Skin: Skin changes are common with many conditions concerning the liver, however a darkening of the skin is characteristic of liver cirrhosis symptoms and occurs in about 25% of sufferers. Changes in dermal hue however can result from a wide range of medical causes and should be looked at by a physician.

5. Spider Naevi: Unusual looking blood vessels can be caused by all sorts of health ailments or can simply just be normal signs of aging, however small blood vessels surrounding larger, central dots which are known as spider naevi can also be early liver cirrhosis symptoms, and if they occur with other early signs, a visit to the G.P. should be in order.

Early identification of health concerns is one of the most important factors when it comes to providing optimal care, and your cirrhosis treatment will depend on many factors including how severely the liver is damaged. By identifying early warning signs of this condition, a multifaceted treatment approach including medical care and lifestyle changes can be employed to stymie the destructive nature of this condition.