5 Most Significant Dried Apricots Health Benefits

dried apricots health benefitsWhile there are mixed feelings about the use of the innards of apricots (their seeds) the fruit when dried is not only a delicious snack, useful for those looking for tasty yet filling options, but also one that can provide body benefits as well.

In fact, apricots health benefits have been valued since their discovery and ancient stories detail accounts of physicians in antiquity requiring no payment for medical services from the ill, but asked that they plant an apricot tree in his orchard instead.

Drying the fruit can enhance the flavor and condense the sweet and fruity tang that is unique to this orange-yellow produce choice. Drying also makes snacks portable for energy on the go and can be a great accompaniment for those on a hike or adventuring for a day. And, while tasty, portable and filling, dried apricot health benefits cannot be overlooked as additional reasons you may want to add this delectable consumable to your snack pack.

1. Constipation: Because of their high fiber content, apricots might be constipation home remedies that you have never heard of, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable as a poop plumber. In fact, just three apricots are enough in most cases to alleviate constipation, and relief can be gentler with fewer side effects than over the counter remedies. There are few edibles on the high fiber foods list with as much laxative action as a heaping helping of tasty apricots.

2. Heart Health: Packed with antioxidants, apricot health benefits include heart health. Not only are they shown to potentially lower bad cholesterol, but dried apricot health benefits also can include prevention on heart disease due to carotenoid levels. If you believe the European ancients, you’ll find that dried apricots health benefits may help your heart in another, more figurative manner, as this fruit has been referred to as an aphrodisiac in literature and art as well.

3. Eye Health: As children, many are taught that the key to good eye health is a healthy dose of carrots and while carrots are in fact tremendous allies to your eyes, dried apricots health benefits shouldn’t be overlooked in the vision category either.

4. Skin Health: Apricot isn’t simply added to lotions and creams for the skin because of its sweet smell or natural appeal. It’s added because of all of the skin healthy ingredients that it contains. In facts, notable apricot seeds health benefits include contributing to better skin health, thus their use in the cosmetics industry. But, your skin can get healthy from dried apricots health benefits too, because taking in the good nutrition contained in the yellow orange fruit on the inside, will translate to healthier skin on the outside thanks to vitamins A and C.

5. Immune Booster: Vitamin C is a well known immunity booster and while citrus fruits get all the notoriety for being chock full of this illness averting vitamin, apricots too boast healthy amounts that can help ward off the sniffles in the form of a tasty and delicious, not to mention filling, snack.