5 Strep Throat Symptoms To Watch Out For

Strep Throat Symptoms1. High Fever – One of the most common strep throat symptoms is a high fever. The fever will be at least 101 degrees. If the fever is lower than this it is typically caused by something else and not strep. If left untreated strep throat can cause a painful red rash on the body, and in some cases the skin may start to peel in areas where the rash is located.

2. Severe Sore Throat Without Other Symptoms – There are a number of strep throat symptoms, but one which is typical is a severe sore throat without any other cold or flu symptoms, such as sneezing or coughing. This can be an indication that the culprit is not the usual virus, and it may be necessary to see a physician. Antibiotics may be required to treat the infection.

3. Difficulty Swallowing – Pain or difficulty when swallowing is one of the common strep throat symptoms. Some describe this as trying to swallow sharp glass. The throat tissues are tender and swollen, and swallowing can be hard to do. With adult tonsillectomy recovery this is also true, because adults do not heal as quickly as children and it may take longer for the pain to disappear.

4. Spots or Coating On Throat – If there are any white spots on tonsils or the throat then strep should be suspected. These spots may be so numerous that they look more like a coating in the throat and on the tonsils. The spots may appear yellow in some cases instead of white, and they can vary greatly in size and number.

5. Swollen Lymph Nodes In Neck – One of the most visible strep throat symptoms is swelling in the neck lymph nodes, and if the infection is severe this swelling can be significant. A physician can feel this symptom during a physical exam, and will normally order a strep test if these nodes have any swelling. These nodes are part of your natural immune system and will help any antibiotics for strep throat fight off the bacteria.