5 Things to Know about Malignant Phyllodes Tumor

Malignant Phyllodes Tumor1. A malignant phyllodes tumor accounts for only one percent of all malignant breast tumors. This type of breast cancer is extremely rare, most of these tumors are benign and are not malignant. If undetected this can cause metastatic breast carcinoma when the cancer spreads. Most lumps you feel in your breast are not malignant, but any that are suspicious should be checked by your doctor. Though rare, this tumor type does occur.

2. One thing you need to understand about a malignant phyllodes tumor is that it only develops in breast tissue. This is not a type of cancer, like mucinous carcinoma, which spreads quickly in certain circumstances and may go throughout the entire body in no time. Early detection is important though, to prevent the tumor from growing or causing other problems.

3. If you have a malignant phyllodes tumor you may undergo surgery to remove the tumor, but in most cases radiation or chemotherapy is not required as long as the tumor was not massive, and was completely excised from your breast. The recovery rate is high, because these tumors are usually caught early.

4. Prevention is not possible with a malignant phyllodes tumor, because it is still not know what the exact cause of this tumor is. This makes self exams and diagnostic tests extremely important, so that you can detect any changes before they progress further. These tumors can grow rapidly at times, and you may notice that the area around the lump may get red, warm, or sensitive. If you notice any of these symptoms visit your physician to rule out any fibroadenoma breast cancer or other malignancies.

5. Women are the most affected by a malignant phyllodes tumor, and it is very unusual in males. Women in all countries, of all races, and across all age groups are equally affected, although older age groups do have a slightly higher risk for any type of breast cancer.