5 Things You Need to Know about Cryptic Tonsils

Cryptic TonsilsThis article will help you gain better understanding what cryptic tonsils are and what to do about them.

1. Cryptic tonsils is a condition when the tissues of the tonsils start collecting dead white cells (white spots on tonsils), food particles or even form stones in the small indentations or crypts on their surface. This could be a result of chronic tonsillitis, strep throat and other medical conditions.

2. There’s a variety of methods to remove cryptic tonsils stones at home and not all of them are safe like trying to pick on the cryptic tonsils with cotton swabs, toothbrushes or else. WaterPik irrigation system is a much safer method when the stones are removed by pressurized water spray. If your cryptic tonsils stones are large and you have a foreign body feeling in the back of your throat, you should definitely see an ENT specialist or a dentist to recommend the best treatment in your case.

3. Patients who suffer from cryptic tonsils very often experience chronic bad breath or so called halitosis mostly because of the trapped bacteria and crushed tonsil stones emit foul smelling odors. Gargling with antibacterial mouthwashes or simply salted water will help keep the bad breath at bay.

4. Common folk sore throat remedies could also be extremely useful to treat tonsillitis at home. Add 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water and gargle 4-5 times per day, follow by rinsing out your mouth with water to remove acid and not cause damage to teeth enamel.

5. The last resort in cryptic tonsils treatment is tonsillectomy or removal of the tonsils that some health experts consider to be an effective solution for chronic tonsillitis, persistent strep throats and enlarged tonsils. Some doctors believe that after tonsillectomy is performed patients recover fast and continue living healthier lives while other experts view tonsillectomy as an absolutely unnecessary and invasive surgical procedure that can do more harm that good.

If you have a sore throat accompanied by extremely high fever of 103F or more, it could be a sign of an untreated strep throat and should be addressed to your doctor as soon as possible.