7 Best LASIK Atlanta Surgeons

LASIK AtlantaThe LASIK Atlanta surgeons listed below have paid their dues, continued their training and stand out as the best of their class. In Atlanta, you would have to filter through thousands of trained ophthalmologists in order to figure out who is the cream of the crop. There are just so many different independent practices and university hospital affiliated surgeons that the average layman is stuck just choosing an ophthalmologist out of a hat.

1. Dr. George Waring III – Not only is Dr. Waring considered to be a top LASIK Atlanta surgeon, he is also one of the pioneers that made LASIK procedures available in the first place. With almost three decades of experience, Dr. Waring is always in high demand.

2. Dr. Manuel Chaknis – Dr. Chaknis isn’t just one of the best LASIK surgeons in the greater Atlanta area, he is also a satisfied patient himself. You know that you are in safe hands when the surgeon himself has had a LASIK procedure performed.

3. Dr. Kris Gillian – After graduating from Emory University, Dr. Gillian went on to offer all-laser LASIK at Georgia Eye Associates in Atlanta.

4. Dr. Eugene Smith Jr. – This is yet another seasoned LASIK Atlanta surgeon that has a very high success rate. Dr. Smith sees patients of all ages.

5. Dr. Alan Kozarsky – Recent laser eye surgery reviews show that Dr. Kozarsky is very good at making patients feel comfortable as well as executing great work.

6. Dr. Frank Winski – Dr. Winski is a LASIK Atlanta Surgeon working out of Georgia Eye Associates.
Educated in New York and Georgia, this ophthalmologist will explain all laser eye surgery risks before deciding which patients are the best candidates for this procedure.

7. Dr. Sandy Carman – Dr. Carman is a very popular eye surgeon in the Atlanta area. He splits his time between TLC Vision in Atlanta and his own private office. He is a clinical director that has been performing LASIK procedures since the 1990s, which has helped him to earn the title of one of the top Atlanta eye surgeons.