7 Best LASIK Baltimore Locations

LASIK BaltimoreEveryone who wants to be operated on by a LASIK Baltimore ophthalmologist needs to review this list of the seven best treatment facilities in the city. First establishing as a major port on the East Coast, the city of Baltimore sees millions of visitors each year. While plenty of new people may pass through this majestic metropolis on a daily basis, its long-time residents are always on the lookout for the best LASIK surgeons.

1. Baltimore Lasik Cataract and Cosmetic Center – It should be obvious from the name that the Baltimore Lasik Cataract and Cosmetic Center gets great laser eye surgery reviews. If you you have any type of visual deficiency, you can benefit from getting the inside scoop from these pros.

2. LasikPlus Baltimore – With multiple locations all over the U.S., LasikPlus puts the standard in astigmatism laser eye surgery. While you probably won’t be able to schedule an appointment the same day, walk-in visits are welcome here.

3. OMNI Eye Specialists – OMNI Eye Specialists is the best place for LASIK Baltimore surgeons in training as well as new patients. With Dr. Ivan Garcia making the rounds, all visitors can be certain that they are getting the best corrective eye treatments around.

4. Lasik Vision Institute of Baltimore – This is another one LASIK center specializing in PRK laser eye surgery that became so popular that it started a franchise.

5. Katzen Eye Group – Headed by founder Dr. Leeds Katzen, this family run LASIK Baltimore center stays busy all year around.

6. Rowen Laser Vision and Cosmetic Center – Dr. Sheri Rowen offers multiple cosmetic procedures, but she specializes in all things LASIK. This LASIK Baltimore location is nestled in the heart of the city close to the Inner Harbor and other local attractions.

7. Krieger Eye Institute – If you like the idea of visiting a corrective eye surgery center that has a friendly hospital-like setting, the Krieger Eye Institute may be perfect for you. Even though you will see lots of interns and doctors completing their residencies, only certified ophthalmologists perform the actual laser procedures.