7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast You Would Not Think Of

Best Ways To Lose Weight FastWeight management is important for healthy living. Energy balance is relatively a simple concept, according to which, weight will be lost when the calorie intake is less than the calorie expenditure and how many calories to lose weight will depend on how much calorie deficit you want to create in a day and how much weight you want to loose.

Good nutrition combined with exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight fast. These days many appetite suppressants like hoodia gordonii diet pills, protein/ chemical diet pills, diuretics, ipecac syrup, laxatives to lose weight are available on the market for weight loss. But these methods often come with unpleasant side effects.

Hence, try these 7 natural and best ways to lose weight fast would you not think of:

1. Drink a glass or two of cold (not ice-cold) water an hour before your meals – This is one of the best ways to lose weigh fast. By drinking cold water before meals, you will burn extra calories and possibly reduce your intake of calories at your meals.

2. Smell peppermint prior to meals – In the recent studies, researchers found that the smells of particular foods, can act as appetite suppressants.

3. Eating a handful of raw nuts 20 minutes prior to meals – This trick also suppresses the appetite and possibly makes you to consume less calories.

4. Chewing meals slowly – Apart from enjoying the added benefit of good digestion, use this technique to signal your brain that you are getting enough nutrition. The result will reduced hunger and reduced calorie intake. Better yet, eat your meals standing up. Some believe this has greatly helped them lose weight without dieting by preventing overeating.

5. Exercising in the morning – This is also one the best ways to lose weight fast. Exercise before breakfast but after a light snack and start your day with raving metabolism.

6. Drinking green tea after your meals – Apart from the added benefits of digestion, research also shows that green tea increases your metabolism and can burn more fat calories.

7. Staying connected – Keeping your self connected with your weight loss goals like constantly reading weight loss articles, about nutrition and exercises, can keep you motivated to follow through the tips and techniques through out the day.

Stress can also cause weight gain. Consider giving acupuncture for weight loss a try as the treatment releases feel good hormones, curbing the stress and causing you to lose unwanted weight.