7 Causes of High Triglycerides

Causes of High TriglyceridesLet’s shed some light on what the triglycerides are and what the main causes of high triglycerides depend on.

Clearly, triglycerides and cholesterol are necessary for our existence as they contribute to cell membrane formation, hormone synthesis and production of energy necessary for our organs to function. Triglycerides, in layman’s terms, are simply a form of fat and the main ingredient of the fatty tissues stored underneath our skin and around organs.

Triglycerides and cholesterol usually come from foods and are also synthesized by our bodies if the food sources are scarce. Liver is responsible for processing cholesterol and triglycerides and supplying them via the bloodstream to all the cells in our body. The excess triglycerides that have not been used up get sent for storage as body fat.

Once the levels of triglycerides are too high it puts an individual at a very high risk for atherosclerosis, or fat plaque build up in the arteries that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

There are various causes and contributing factors to triglycerides too high in our bodies. Some we have control over like diet, exercise, while others we can not control like genetics, age, gender and ethnic background. Metabolic syndrome disorder is another one of causes of high triglycerides that involves high blood triglyceride levels, high insulin and obesity. So, treatment of high triglycerides often comes within a course of measures addressing all these conditions.

Here is a highlight of the 7 major causes of high triglycerides:

1. Genetic factors.

2. Age, gender and ethnicity.

3. Major underlying medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions, liver and kidney diseases, high blood pressure.

4. Poor diet rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates.

5. Lack of movements and exercise.

6. Prescription steroid and hormonal medication therapy side effects.

7. Smoking and alcohol consumption.

It’s essential to maintain normal triglyceride level in our bodies through healthy diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and achieving an overall well-being.

While certain causes of high triglycerides are out of your control like genetics and age, the best way to reduce triglycerides is still to maintain insulin balance in your body, reduce intake of sugar and carbohydrates, get involved in a regular exercise regimen and eat plenty of fresh and unprocessed ingredients.