7 Causes of Poor Blood Circulation

Poor Blood CirculationProper blood circulation is essential for everyday bodily functions providing vital oxygen and nutrition to all organs, systems and tissues. When blood vessels and arteries become damaged from various environmental causes, get hard from cholesterol build up or get destroyed by high levels of blood sugar, poor blood circulation is usually the result. Poor blood circulation is a roadmap to many unpleasant symptoms such as pain during walking, discoloration of the limbs, loss of sensation and even necrosis (death of tissues). Causes of poor blood circulation vary in severity and lead to minor discomfort to life threatening situations according to MayoClinic. http://www.mayoclinic.org/medical-edge-newspaper-2010/dec-24b.html

Let’s identify what might be causing it:

1. Atherosclerosis

That is the top factor in poor blood circulation as the veins and arteries get clogged with cholesterol plaque, which makes them fragile and not flexible causing heart attacks, strokes and chronic heart conditions.

2. Poor Nutrition

That contributes the most to the causes of poor blood circulation as the body starts lacking essential vitamins, minerals and elements making our blood vessels extremely fragile and inhibits proper blood circulation. Not getting enough antioxidants in the form of fresh produce, oily fish and whole grains enables toxic buildup in the entire body.

3. Chronic Diseases

Some diseases like obesity, diabetes create predisposing conditions as high levels of blood sugar slowly dissolve the lining of the veins and arteries causing damage to the cardiovascular system and hard to heal wounds. Delicate nerve fibers get damaged leading to the loss of sensation in the feet, bluish color of the lower limbs and can even cause severe malignant ulcers requiring surgical intervention.

4. Lack of Exercise

Lying, sitting or standing in one position for prolonged periods of time contributes to poor blood circulation as blood gets stagnant in the areas of pelvis and legs causing poor leg circulation, poor circulation in feet and hands. Lack of movement in certain areas can cause life-threatening blood clots especially in individuals who smoke, are pregnant or take certain medications. Airplane passengers are strongly urged to drink plenty of water, wear loose garments and get up from their seats to do small leg and feet exercises to increase blood circulation.

5. Age and Genetics

Age and genetics are something we have no control over and these can be especially detrimental to blood circulation in legs and feet as multiple health conditions progress and worsen over time. Keeping cholesterol, blood sugar and weight under control will help even elderly individuals to stop the progression of causes of poor blood circulation.

6. Bad habits: Smoking and Alcohol Abuse (No Surprise There)

Smoking is responsible for poor blood circulation in many cases as inhaling toxic smoke constricts blood flow to the heart and brain, poisoning body with free radicals and other dangerous substances. Alcohol, on the other hand causes alcoholic neuropathy manifesting itself in tingling in the feet, numbness, weakness of the muscles and subsequent atrophy as MedLinePlus explains. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000714.htm

7. Unmanaged Stress

Stress and unreleased anger conditions contribute to poor circulation in hands by creating knots in the muscles especially in the neck and shoulder area preventing proper blood flow to heart, brain and other major organs. Managing stress and anger on a daily basis, getting a therapeutic massage, acupuncture and exercising will all help increase blood circulation.

Knowing the main causes of poor blood circulation is essential on the road to achieving your healthier lifestyle goals according to a comprehensive Health Talk video presented by Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/08/21/do-suffer-from-poor-circulation/