7 Important Tips for Successful Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery

Adult Tonsillectomy RecoveryHave you had a long history of taking antibiotics for strep throat, do your sore throat symptoms come back again and again? Have you tried all possible sore throat remedies known to humanity and nothing seems to help?

Your doctor might check you for cryptic tonsils that might appear due to lingering bacterial infection in your tonsils that does not respond well to antibiotic treatment. After recurring throat infections, your tonsils become breeding ground for bacteria and tend to form pockets that collect bacteria, dead cells and debris, this condition is referred to as cryptic tonsils.

People with cryptic tonsils are at a much higher risk for developing strep throat infections, and untreated strep throat< might lead to dangerous complications.

If your doctor feels that he exhausted all possible treatments for your cryptic tonsils, he might recommend having your tonsils removed.

Adult tonsillectomy recovery tends to be much more painful for older patients compared to children who literally bounce back after the removal of their tonsils within 4-5 days. Adult tonsillectomy recovery might take anywhere from 10 to 25 days.

1. Pain might be so bad that it might prevent you even from drinking water; it’s important that you do stay hydrated as dehydration increases pain and risk of post surgery bleeding. Sipping from a straw or sucking on an ice cube might be easier on your sore throat.

2. Keep your adult tonsillectomy recovery diet bland without extra fat, spices or acids to go easy on your healing throat. Avoid citrus fruits, alcohol, and smoking. Pureeing your food in a blender or food processor might make it easier swallowing it.

3. Light bleeding is normal a couple days following adult tonsillectomy recovery; report any excessive bleeding to your doctor. Most doctors recommend you try a cold beverage, frozen popsicle or fruit sorbet to reduce throat swelling and help stop the bleeding.

4. Try to rest and not get involved in any strenuous activities that might elevate your blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure means higher risk of post-operative bleeding.

5. Keep the air in your bedroom at night humidified to avoid dry mouth feeling which can be especially uncomfortable when you are in adult tonsillectomy recovery stage.

6. You might be tempted to gargle your throat but it is not recommended and might interfere with tonsillectomy healing process. You can rinse you mouth with water to help keep the bad aftertaste away that is very common with tonsils scabs.

7. Constipation happens in some adult tonsillectomy recovery patients if they are unable to eat foods or drink enough of fluids. A mild laxative might be helpful to avoid constipation straining.