7 Reasons to Choose Elective Mastectomy

Elective MastectomyIf you have been diagnosed positive for breast cancer you may have been told about treatment options one of which was elective mastectomy procedure. Before making a tough decision you may want to learn more when selecting elective mastectomy maybe beneficial:

1. Family History of Breast Cancer

If you have a family history of breast cancer then an elective mastectomy may be the right option in many cases. Sometimes you may be at a much higher risk of this type of cancer even if genetic testing is negative. Family history is an important risk factor that can affect your decision to have a mastectomy.

2. Positive Genetic Testing

A positive genetic screening test can be a big reason to elect for a modified mastectomy. Genetic screening can determine if you have the genetic mutations responsible for increased breast cancer risks. If you have the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 genetic mutation then you may ant to consider a mastectomy.

3. Previous Breast Cancer

Another good reason to choose an elective mastectomy is if you have had breast cancer in the past, and you want to ensure this condition does not come back. Choosing to remove both breasts will greatly reduce the odds that breast cancer will appear again, although there are no guarantees because it is not possible to remove every single breast tissue cell.

4. High Breast Cancer Risks

If you have high breast cancer risks for any reason at all then an elective mastectomy may be the right procedure in your case. This surgery removes as much breast tissue as possible, and this can significantly lower your risks for breast cancer.

5. Less Worry and Stress

An elective mastectomy can remove a lot of the stress and anxiety that you may feel if you have had breast cancer or are at a high risk for this disease. This surgery can eliminate much of the uncertainty and worry that you will go because the odds of a recurrence are a lot lower.

6. Emotional Stability

A double mastectomy surgery can have benefits on your emotional well-being. A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, and an emotional roller coaster. Preventing this diagnosis can help you emotionally.

7. Good Health Assurance

If you have higher than normal risk for breast cancer then an elective mastectomy can give you an assurance of good health in the future in most cases. This surgery will allow you to view your future without constantly being concerned that cancer is going to strike at some point.