7 Reasons Why Untreated Strep Throat Is Dangerous

Untreated Strep ThroatStrep throat is dangerous throat infection caused by streptococcal bacteria and must be treated with a full course of antibiotics for strep throat diligently to avoid major health complications mentioned below. A high dose of probiotic treatment following the antibiotic course is highly recommended by some health professionals to restore good bacteria balance in the intestinal tract.

Here are the top reasons why untreated strep throat is so dangerous:

1. Tonsillitis is a case of inflamed tonsils when small pockets of pus, also called white spots on tonsils, cover the surface of tonsils and can even lead to a chronic case of tonsillitis. In the case of persistent strep throats or chronic tonsillitis, a tonsillectomy could be advised to a patient. Be advised that adult tonsillectomy recovery is far more complicated and takes more time than children’s.

2. Rheumatic fever is a rare inflammatory condition that usually develops in about 4-6 weeks following a case of untreated strep throat or strep throat that was not properly treated. Rheumatic fever can cause permanent damage to the heart valves and also manifest itself in joint pains and affect central nervous system.

3. Acute sinusitis can follow a case of untreated strep throat when the inflammation settles in one of the four pairs of sinus cavities and causes a lot of pressure, severe sinus headaches and greenish-yellow discharge.

4. Ear infection can be an aftermath of the strep throat that was not treated correctly and result in severe earache, drainage, high fever and even loss of hearing.

5. Another serious outcome of untreated strep throat is glomerulonephritis or kidney failure disease when kidneys lose their ability to filter liquids and remove body toxins.

6. Scarlet fever, also know as scarlatina, is another serious complication of the strep infection which manifests itself by rapidly spreading rash all over the body.

7. Surprisingly, obsessive compulsive disorder, when a patient experiences a series of compulsive repetitive actions like hand washing, excessive worrying and speaking, nervous tics and involuntary limb movements, can develop following a case of untreated strep throat.

Though very rare, the untreated strep throat infection can result in very serious complications and cause life-threatening conditions if left undiagnosed.