7 Steps to Follow for Successful Mastectomy Recovery

Mastectomy Recovery1. Consider Counseling

Counseling is very important, and this is true regarding a lumpectomy vs. mastectomy as well. Part of mastectomy recovery is dealing with the trauma and psychological effects of having your breast removed, and it is important that you discuss your feelings and work through these issues for successful recovery.

2. Get Plenty of Rest

For your mastectomy recovery to be successful you will need to get plenty of rest. A mastectomy is a major invasive surgery, and your tissues will need rest so that they can recover and repair from this procedure. Take it easy and do not do any lifting or strenuous activity for the first six weeks following your surgery.

3. Use Compression Bandages and Garments Properly

During your mastectomy recovery You will normally need to use compression bandages on the incision area at first, and then switch to compression garments after a specified time in most cases. It is important that you use these items exactly as instructed, so that your recovery is successful and there are no complications.

4. Proper Drain and Wound Care

Wound care and proper maintenance of the drainage equipment is important during your mastectomy recovery. The medical staff will instruct you on how to take care of your incision and any drain which is in place, and you will need to follow these instructions carefully to prevent any infection or other complications.

5. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy plays a big part in a successful the country after you have had a mastectomy. The physical therapist will use post mastectomy exercises to help you repair and strengthen muscles that are affected by the procedure.

6. Drink Plenty of Fluids

During your mastectomy recovery it is extremely important that you drink plenty of fluids. During your mastectomy surgery you lost a lot of blood and other fluids, and you will need to replace these in the days following surgery for the best possible recovery results.

7. Eat Food High in Nutrients

Regardless of whether you have a single or double mastectomy surgery, you will need to be a diet that is very high in nutrients during recovery period. Nutrients are the building blocks for your cells and tissues, and if your diet is lacking in these nutrients it cannot recover properly from the mastectomy procedure.