7 Things to Know About Broken Nose Rhinoplasty

Broken Nose RhinoplastyThe nose is the most protruding facial feature making it more prone to various types of traumas affecting both nasal cartilage and bone structures.

Read below to learn 7 important facts about broken nose rhinoplasty:

1. The best timeframe for performing broken nose rhinoplasty is within 72 hours since the time of an accident to eliminate any further complications, increased swelling, removing bone and cartilage fragments that might lead to infection.

2. Broken nose rhinoplasty serves a dual purpose of correcting aesthetic appearance of the injured nose and realigning nasal structures to ensure proper breathing that might be impaired as a result of a trauma.

3. Broken nose rhinoplasty is performed in most cases using a closed rhinoplasty< method placing surgeon’s cuts inside the nasal cavities virtually making the scar invisible. 4. Minor nose traumas do not require broken nose rhinoplasty and can heal on their own. Sometimes surgeon’s manipulations could be performed right at the doctor’s office using minimum invasion and force to reposition misaligned nasal structures. 5. In a few months following your broken nose rhinoplasty you will be asked to come back to your plastic surgeon for re-evaluation. In certain cases, cartilage may heal forming a bump on your nose or distort that may require a wide nose rhinoplasty to cut away excessive cartilage and make your nose appearance more aesthetic.

6. The final look of your nose achieved after broken nose surgery might not exactly match your original nose appearance. Providing a surgeon with your photo before injury will enable him to get as close to the original version as possible.

7. The final cost of a nose job will vary depending on the measures your surgeon had to undertake to restore your nasal anatomy and improve breathing. The average cost of a nose job ranges from $3,000 to $8,000.