7 Tips to Follow for Successful Under Eye Bags Surgery Recovery

Under Eye Bags SurgeryAre you tired of sagging eyelids and decided to undergo an under eye bags surgery because all other non surgical eye bag removal methods have failed? Our guide for successful under eye bags surgery recovery will help you learn more about the recovery stage.

1. Reducing any strenuous activities for the first few days immediately following under eye bags surgery is an absolute key to proper healing and recovery. You want to do that to avoid blood pressure increases that can happen from bending, lifting or exercising.

2. Keep your head raised at night and throughout the day as a necessity to allow the tissues surrounding the eyes heal properly.

3. You eyes might feel very dry, itchy and look very red due to postoperative chemosis, or swelling of the eye conjunctiva caused by slight bruising during the surgery. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your eyes moisturized with artificial tear drops that your surgeon recommends.

4. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for keeping your eyes clean from the yellow mucus build-up that is not unusual after under eye bags surgery.

5. Applying cold water compresses to your closed eyes will soothe the inflamed skin and help with the bruising after your bags under eyes surgery. You might experience a more bright pink color of the skin around eyes if your surgeon additionally used laser for removing dark circles under eyes.

6. Your diet is a very important part of under eye bags surgery recovery, so load up on fresh vegetables and whole grains, avoiding excessively salty, greasy dishes that might have you retain more water in your body and suppress healing. Stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and smoking that might put you at risk of post-surgery blood clotting.

7. Your healing skin is going to feel very tender and vulnerable for months following surgery and can be further damaged by excessive sun exposure. Keep your eyelids covered under a wide brim hat and use sunscreen religiously.

All individuals have different healing rates, but most patients can see successful results anywhere from a couple of months to a year after under eye bags surgery.