7 Torn ACL Symptoms You Need to Know

Torn ACL Symptoms1. A popping sound is one of the most common torn ACL symptoms, and this may be loud enough for others who are nearby to hear as well. This pop is extremely unsettling, and is a sign that your ACL has torn or suffered extensive damage and you should seek medical treatment right away.

2. Patella surgery may become necessary if you have severe knee ligament pain and instability. Over time, without surgery and proper treatment, these symptoms can become debilitating and make it impossible for you to walk without pain.

3. Torn ACL symptoms can include a sudden and instant joint shift. This shift occurs because the ACL can no longer work as effectively in supporting your knee joint. Most people who have suffered from this problem have reported feeling this shift immediately when the injury or damage occurs.

4. Knee instability is another of the most common torn ACL symptoms, one that frequently occurs and become a big problem. If you have this symptom your knee may suddenly give out without warning, and this can cause you to stumble or even fall as your weight shifts. Without proper treatment and ACL repair these symptoms will not go away on their own.

5. Knee joint swelling may be the most noticeable of the torn ACL symptoms, besides pain. If you have torn your ACL joint then you will notice swelling almost immediately, as the torn or damaged tissues try to repair and inflammation occurs.

6. Meniscus pain is often one of the most bothersome symptoms when you damage your ACL and knee region. If you suddenly experience pain in your knee and it is severe or becomes worse over time then you may need to have it evaluated to determine if serious damage has been done to your acl.

7. Torn ACL symptoms can include abnormal diagnostic test results. If you have an X-ray, MRI, or other testing done this may or may not diagnose the problem. Often a good physical evaluation and history can be just as effective as expensive imaging tests at diagnosing these problems.