9 Essential Amino Acids List – What Should I Know?

Essential Amino Acids List1. Isoleucine- Isoleucine is on the essential amino acids list because this nutrient is needed for endurance. It also helps with clotting and works to boost energy during a workout. Blood sugar regulation also depends on this amino acid as well as others.

2. Leucine- Unlike non essential amino acids, you must obtain leucine through a proper diet. This amino acid is used by your body for muscle repair, blood sugar regulation, fat burning, and numerous other functions.

3. Lysine- Lysine is another amino acid on the essential amino acids list. Lysine is very beneficial due to its antiviral properties. It can help prevent and treat cold sores and herpes outbreaks as well as other types of viral infections.

4. Methionine- Methionine is used by your body to eliminate fat. This amino acid is also used in the production of other amino acids that can be produced by your body.

5. Phenylalanine- This amino acid is required for a healthy and properly functioning of central nervous system. There are some phenylalanine health risks that may be present for individuals who have PKU or certain other medical conditions.

6. Threonine- As one of the nutrients on the essential amino acids list you must get this amino acid from your diet. A deficiency in this amino acid can affect growth and a number of different systems and organs in the body.

7. Tryptophan- Mood regulation is one of the benefits of tryptophan. This is also one of the l-tyrosine benefits. Tryptophan also helps with sleep and appetite.

8. Valine- Valine is one of the branched chain amino acids. Proper brain function is one of the benefits of this amino acid, and others include tissue growth and repair. If you do not have enough Valine in your diet, you may also experience problems with blood sugar regulation.

9. Histidine- The essential amino acids list initially only included this amino acid for infants. Further studies have determined that histidine is also essential for adults as well as infants and children.