9 Natural Allergy Remedies Everyone Rave About!

Natural Allergy RemediesLots of natural allergy remedies can be tried and tested with varying results. If you want to save time and effort, try one or more of the following nine natural allergy relief remedies suggested below.

1. Stinging Nettle – This natural supplement is chocked full of vitamin K, which is necessary for immune system health. Try stinging nettle prior to using OTC allergy medication.

2. Changing air filters – It is suggested that people with allergies change all of their home air filters over to HEPA filters. At minimum, make sure that your existing air filters are properly cleaned and fitted.

3. Omega-3 – It is commonly known that all fatty acids are vital for keeping the body healthy. Take an omega-3 supplement such as fish oil in order to combat against all types of allergies.

4. Nasal irrigation – By simply pouring clean, pure water into one nostril and letting it flow out the other, you can find relief. This is one of the more commonly used natural allergy remedies.

5. Acupuncture – For protection against the fire ant allergy, visit an acupuncturist. A trained acupuncturist will know what areas to focus on, and which parts of the body to avoid. Acupuncture is not guaranteed to work for all allergies.

6. Butterbar – You might not be able to find butterbar at your local health food store, but you can order the herb online. Use it if you have ever had Loratadine side effects.

7. Allergy specific herbal blends – Sometimes more than one herb or supplement is needed to keep allergies at bay. Talk to a holistic medicine practitioner about concocting a blend of herbs, and natural allergy remedies in general.

8. Bee pollen – Bee pollen for allergies has been utilized for eons. Ingesting a small dosage of bee pollen might work better for you than prescriptions.

9. Spring cleaning – Allergens come from a number of sources. If you have dust and dander laying around, giving your home, office and car a thorough cleansing will probably help. Note that these natural allergy remedies may actually cause your symptoms to flare up for a period, so use gloves and don a face mask as you clean.