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Health ArticlesWelcome to all new Health Articles 101 central – your source of health related articles on a variety of topics and suggestions on how to get on the road to your ultimate health. No matter whether you are a teenager or a senior, our website offers plenty of information on various health conditions, diseases, their symptoms and methods of treatment. Moreover, here you can find practical information on a variety of home remedies, herbal solutions and other natural ways of addressing common health problems.

Our main goal is to create well informed patients who do not come to doctors’ appointments without any knowledge on a condition or disease they might be affected with. On the contrary, nowadays due to doctor office visits time constraints imposed by many insurance companies, most doctors are unable to devote needed time to get to the roots of your condition and treat it, so the patients are highly recommended to do the research before heading to see your doctor so they are well-informed and ask the right questions. Unfortunately, most traditional doctors treat the symptoms of the disease, never getting to the bottom of what is truly causing it. As a result traditional medicine very often resorts to heavily medicated approach of treating even the most common diseases and conditions that could have been easily helped by adjusting a patient’s diet, exercise levels and making necessary lifestyle changes. Over-medication in the modern society is a huge problem that causes a vast scale of serious side effects.

Traditional DoctorsWe hope that our health articles will be able to provide answers to your health conditions, steer you in the right direction of taking charge of your own health instead of looking for miracle one time fixes that simply do not exist. However, it’s important to realize that there’s no substitute for thorough medical examination, lab tests and other medical diagnostics that can shed light on health conditions you might be affected with. Since many symptoms might be a result of hundreds of different medical condition, getting checked up by your doctor is very important. Our health articles presented on the website are no substitute for qualified doctor advice and should be viewed for personal educational purposes only.

Health Articles For Women

Health Tips For WomenOur website has plenty of health tips for women and answers on the most burning questions like how to start losing weight after pregnancy, what weight loss plans are the best for you, how to relive PMS symptoms with home remedies and what you can do to cure depression. Just click on a category that interests you the most or type in your health conditions in the search window to pull up articles that interest you the most. We make a big emphasis on finding natural solutions that provide gentle yet effective relief for common health maladies like hormonal imbalance, gynecological problems and gastrointestinal problems.

Health Articles For Men

Health Tips For MenOur health tips for men provide well researched facts on addressing a myriad of health concerns ranging from erectile dysfunction, neurological diseases, and even embarrassing rectal pain, just to name a few. Very often men are embarrassed to ask for help and delay seeing a doctor until they can no longer cope with pain and discomfort. This is not the best approach and our health articles do encourage you to see a medical professional at the first signs of illnesses to rule out another more serious condition. Additionally, here you can learn urinary system facts and identify very common male urinary tract diseases.

Health Articles For Teenagers

Health Tips For TeenagersOur health articles for teenagers cover a broad range of subjects that this group of individuals can relate to like healthy diets for weight loss, acne skin conditions and their treatments, how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, how to improve immune system and even certain speech pathology concerns. We believe that taking charge of one’s health needs to start early, in your teens, to set a foundation for healthy adulthood and senior years down the road. Parents can direct their teens in the right direction of living healthier more fulfilled lifestyles and preventing substance abuse before it even begins.

Health Articles For Parents

Health Tips For ChildrenAdditionally, we have plenty of health articles directed at parents of younger patients addressing common childhood concerns like respiratory diseases, ear nose and throat conditions that keep parents and kids up at night, and vision problems that may pose problems down the road. Staying informed with our health articles is easier than ever before. It’s empowering to know that there are plenty of dietary supplements, herbal remedies and other alternative therapies that can help your child affected by recurring ear infections, sore throats and even asthma conditions.

Health Articles For Elderly

Health Tips For SeniorsThe last but not least Health Articles 101 is an excellent source of health tips for seniors where they can find practical solutions to problems bothering them like ways to achieve healthy heart, sleep problems, foot problems, arthritis management and even learn about common types of cancer. In addition, a lot of elderly patients are seeking answers to hip and knee pain due to osteoarthritis, our website will help you find the best orthopedic specialists in your area and tips for good plastic surgery recovery.

Should you feel like learning more about innovative stem cell therapy approaches, mental health disorders and even rare kidney diseases and blood disorders, our health articles will provide information on these and other topics that may pose interest to you.

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