Abdominoplasty Cost – What You Get For The Money Paid?

Abdominoplasty CostFor between $7,000 and $15,000 (the average cost of tummy tuck surgery) you can get yourself a start to finish tummy tuck procedure that can potentially leave you with a new shapely figure, or more appealing abdomen. So what do you get for all of those Benjamins? You get a multi phase surgery that encompasses a wide variety of charges. Determining what costs are included in the total abdominoplasty cost you are likely to incur, will help you decide if this is right for you, and your wallet.

Cosmetic surgery is not cheap, and while a mini tummy tuck cost break down may seem like a bargain, it’s for a different type of operation. You will want to ensure that while comparison shopping that you are dealing with an apples to apples assessment of charges. In addition, you will want to consider long term planning before biting this huge financial bullet. If children are still in your future, this expensive surgery is likely best postponed, a hurdle male tummy tuck patients do not have to consider. Becoming pregnant after a tummy tuck and forking out that full abdominoplasty cost, only to potentially see a full reversal of effects after a subsequent pregnancy is certainly worth considering.

If you have still decided that the benefits of a tummy tuck far outweigh the abdominoplasty cost you will be responsible for, you likely want to know what this big price tag includes. For starters, you get your anesthesia. This will ensure that you aren’t awake and bearing witness to the carnage occurring below your neckline. Then, in the case of a full abdominoplasty, you will be cut from hip to hip, along the line of your hoo-hoo hair. Your belly button will likely be “re-homed” and the tissues, muscle and other “stuff” floating around in your abdomen will also be removed as the doctor sees fit. Your abdominoplasty cost will include the anesthesia, the use of the facility your procedure occurred in, and the doctor’s time. It may or may not include a hospital stay (if necessary) and follow up appointments. It should and often does include home care products such as a drainage tube that patients are usually sent home with.

If you are considering this surgery, talk to your selected physician about what is included with their estimated charges. And, find out more about what expenses can be expected in the days, weeks and months following your surgery. Because this can vary by cosmetic surgery firm, doctor, and location, a proper consultation with a plastic surgeon is very important to determine genuine and realistic pricing.