Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips – Do’s and Don’ts!

Abdominoplasty RecoveryWhen it comes to the often lengthy process or recovering and recuperating from a cosmetic surgery procedure, being impatient can often lead to poor decisions that can actually increase the length of time you will need to recover. Following some useful tips for abdominoplasty recovery will help ensure that you are healing as quickly and safely as possible. No matter if you’ve had a tummy tuck or panniculectomy surgery, following the doctor’s orders and some patient tips can be very useful during your abdominoplasty recovery. Follow our simple do’s and don’ts to get your newly sculpted self up and at ‘em quick!

DO: Get tons of rest. You may find that your sleeping positions are much more limited than pre-surgery, however your tummy tuck results will be worth the discomfort in the end.

DO: Take ALL of your medication: Your doctor has given you medication that he or she thinks you need to recover properly. If you are uncomfortable with your medication, or end up with a pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery, speak to your doctor to possibly change or alter your medications to something more tolerable or appropriate, but DON’T stop taking your medication during abdominoplasty recovery.

DON’T: Skip Exercise: You’re going to be expected to walk soon after you have been tucked, and once your stitches have been pulled out, your surgeon will likely recommend that you begin light exercise (nothing aerobic or strenuous). This will help speed up your abdominoplasty recovery and keep you from ending up stiff as a board.

DON’T: Stop seeing your plastic surgeon: Just because the hard part is over doesn’t mean that you can stop following up with the doctor. He or she will want to check periodically to ensure that the wounds are healing properly and there are no signs of infection. If you’ve had a non surgical tummy tuck, this may be less critical, however still worth considering as seeing the doctor who performed the work is critical to proper aftercare and healing.

Follow your surgeon’s orders when it comes to recovery. While you may not like or agree with everything your doctor is telling you, what they are suggesting and ordering is for the best to help you achieve the results that you are wanting with the shortest and most comfortable recovery time as possible.