Acai Berry Colon Cleanse – Secrets Revealed!

Acai Berry Colon CleanseThere are many fad diets on the market today like master cleansing diet, 3 day diet, juice fast diet and cabbage soup diet that promise quick weight loss. Joining the list of the popular fad diet is acai berry diet. This diet is not really a diet as it doesn’t call for a different eating plan. It just requires you to supplement your current diet with acai berry juice, supplements, diet pills, acai berry colon cleanse and detox kits etc.

Numerous studies have found the various acai berry benefits in the body. By providing much needed anti-oxidants to your body, you can detoxify your organs and reap the reward of good health.

Recently acai berry colon cleanse products have been gaining increasing popularity. The general claims of these products are detoxification, improved digestion, metabolism and speedy weight loss. There are no acai berry detox side effects unless you have allergies to pollen or acai.

Here are a few secrets of the acai cleaning products you should be aware of:

– You should know that many people report no satisfactory results from acai berry colon cleanse products in terms of losing weight. Clinical studies have not discovered acai berry’s effects on weight loss. Experts say that acai berry is one of the healthiest foods on the planet but it is still a fruit like any other.
– Free trials for most acai berry colon cleanse products are scams. People report being charged from their credit cards even after they have cancelled their subscriptions. Even some reputed companies are scamming people by charging them every month.
– Most acai berry colon cleanse products that claim to be all organic acai have little or no acai. On top of that they might also contain strong laxatives and artificial chemicals that can make you lose weight in the short term but can cause damage to your colon from prolonged use.
– Pure organic acai supplements are very healthy, but you are most likely to not lose any weight from them.
– Instead of acai colon cleanse, consider using a combination of organic acai supplements and natural colon cleanses that are backed by clinical studies for reaping the benefit of weight loss.