Acai Berry Diet Plan – What Other Foods To Include?

Acai Berry Diet PlanIn the recent years acai berry has been promoted as a weight loss miracle, with many manufactures selling acai berry weight loss supplements and detox kits online as a part of acai berry diet plan.

There is no particular acai berry diet plan. The general claim of the sellers is that acai fruit increases metabolism and suppresses the appetite. According to the promoters, you can continue eating whatever you want while still benefiting from the weight loss effects of the fruit. Experts say that acai berry diet plan by itself is not going to make you miraculously shed the pounds, especially if you continue making poor health choices. However, acai just like any other fruit as part a healthy diet plan can facilitate healthy weight loss.

Foods to consume on healthy acai berry diet plan :

– Plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats and whole grains should be consumed in conjunction with consuming acai fruit.
– Consider adding adequate protein from lean meats and poultry to your diet, as protein can keep you full and increase your metabolism.
– Nuts, seeds and vegetable oils in moderation can also help you feel full simultaneously providing healthy fats that can burn fat.
– Also, consider supplementing your diet with green tea and spices as both are shown to increase fat burning.

According to a study, acai has the highest anti-oxidant activity compared to any food reported to date. You can reap various acai berry benefits by consuming organic acai berry juice, which can provide plethora of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids.

There can be no acai berry diet side effects if the fruit is consumed along with clean nutritious food. However, caution should be exercised if you are allergic to pollen or to acai.