Acai Berry Diet Side Effects

Acai Berry Diet Side EffectsAcai berry diet plan was featured on the famous Oprah Show a couple of years ago triggering an absolute weight loss craze around this small Brazilian berry. Acai berry is a powerhouse of nutrients packed with potent antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Unfortunately, acai berry diet side effects include you paying too much since most acai berry products have a rather steep price tag. In addition, due to high popular demands on acai berry diet, the market is flooded with fake or at times questionable products. Other acai berry diet side effects might occur in form of nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions and stomach cramps in individuals with food sensitivities since some of the acai berry supplements might contain impurities, fillers and artificial ingredients.

Acai berry juice is amazingly low in sugar and could even be recommended for overweight and diabetic people that usually have to severely restrict their juice intake. However, it’s virtually impossible to find pure acai berry juice since it would be very expensive, and manufacturers at times have to trick consumers by providing acai berry juice drinks that contain only a fraction of pure acai juice and a ton of other fruit juices and sweeteners. It’s highly unlikely that these juice drinks can provide any health benefits.

As to acai berry weight loss diets that promise us amazing fat zapping qualities of this South American berry, the same philosophy concept could be equally applied to blueberries or raspberries for weight loss. There’s absolutely no direct evidence that eating lots of berries alone without restricting your overall caloric intake and bumping up your exercising is going to make you shed pounds.

To avoid potential acai berry diet side effects, always buy your supplements from a well-known and reputable source. To get maximum anti-oxidant potential, a product must be marked organic and made not from a concentrate but from freeze-dried berries. This processing method will help you avoid most acai berry detox side effects and get the most for your money.