Acai Berry Juice – How Much Should I Drink?

Acai Berry JuiceAcai berry has been labeled a super food because of its versatile benefits on health. According to a study, freeze dried acai berries have an anti-oxidant activity greater compared to that of any other food reported to date. It is not surprising that people are supplementing their diet with acai berry juice or supplements.

Recently the tropical berry is gaining popularity as a miracle weight loss fruit and is being sold as a part of fad acai berry diet plan. The diet doesn’t require you to change your current lifestyle, but prompts you to take acai berry juice, supplements and diet pills for faster weight loss. Although, there are no studies that support direct acai berry benefits on weight loss, a study concluded that the anti-oxidants in the berry can reduce inflammation that cause fat storage and obesity in the body.

Although many people report unsatisfactory weight loss results, others do report greater energy levels and improved digestion and concentration. There are also mild to no acai berry diet plan side effects if the acai products you purchase are pure and organic. But, people with pollen allergies should be cautious when consuming acai berry juice or supplements as they could have allergic reactions.

Acai berry is a harmless fruit and you can drink up to 4 ounces (more or less depending on your size and health level) of acai berry juice, provided it is organic and unprocessed. You can consume more if you are sick to receive its anti-oxidant goodness. High quantity of the berries can suppress your appetite as you will also be receiving mono-unsaturated fats and good fiber. Also, acai berry is low in calories and so the berry can be the food to eat to lose weight, provided you are also implementing healthy life style habits such as eating healthy food and exercising.

It is important to learn how to read the ingredients to avoid consuming harmful preservatives, processed chemicals and cheap quality acai. Also, always buy your organic acai products from health food stores and from reputed brands to avoid online scams.