Acai Berry Supplements – 5 Best Brands Recommended!

Acai Berry SupplementsThe South American native acai berry has gained incredible popularity in the last few years, which has led to a holistic health food and weight loss overload of acai berry supplements, foods and drinks. Because of the tremendous amount of saturation in the marketplace of acai berry supplements, you may have a hard time choosing which one is right for you. It’s important to do your homework when considering acai berry supplements because they are not regulated in the same way that foods or medicines are, meaning that you could end up with low quality products the contain little to no acai berry benefits. We’ve put this list of the top 5 best brands of acai berry supplements to help you find a starting point for researching potential supplements. So check out our list of the top 5 brands and take some of the conundrum out of the acai!

1. Source Naturals Acai Extract: Boasting a reputable name and an affordable price tag, it’s hard to go wrong with this antioxidant packed powerhouse!

2. NOW Foods: A powder based form; this organic supplement is freeze dried and purportedly supports healthy blood vessels and heart!

3. Nature Made Acai Superfruit with Green Tea: Naturemade is a well known supplement provider that has combined the antioxidant properties of acai berry with the energizing effects of green tea to provide vitality, wellness and antiaging benefits.

4. Natrol AcaiBerry: This acai berry weight loss supplement claims to aid in fat metabolism and calorie burning. It’s well reviewed and under 10 dollars online.

5. Bio Synergy Acai Berry Slimming Pills: Potent pills packed with power, according to the manufacturers of this antioxidant filled weight loss supplement. Look to spend around 20 dollars on this well reviewed product.

Acai supplements are popular because they typically contain all natural ingredients and provide an energy and antioxidant boost. Additionally, barring combination products, acai berry diet side effects are typically mild and minimal. If you aren’t quite ready to bite the bullet and try the supplement form of this southern fruit, you can always pick up a bottle of acai berry juice to get your nutritional benefit fix!