Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief Secrets!

Acupuncture For Back PainAlthough, acupuncture for back pain has been implemented by various cultures for centuries, scientists don’t fully understand the mechanism by which acupuncture affects pain. However, experts definitely agree that one of the benefits of acupuncture is back pain relief.

According to a research study on acupuncture and back pain, the treatment was very effective when compared to other options like medication, physical therapy, back exercises and chiropractic care, which are all only modestly effective. So, how does acupuncture work?

One of the main secrets of acupuncture for back pain is improvement in the blood circulation. Pain medication, although effective in short term, can often cause unpleasant side effects like gastric illness, fatigue and joint pains etc. Medication works by stopping the production of pain causing substances in the body. These substances also are blood circulation enhancers. Hence, when their production is limited, blood circulation to the lower back muscles decreases, causing them to get undernourished and fatigued. The fatigue further increases the muscles’ susceptibility to injury. Acupuncture for back pain targets the pressure points related to back muscles and increases the blood circulation by stimulating the nervous system. Good blood circulation will enhance the muscle strength and flexibility, while decreasing your back pain.

Other possible reason for your back pain can be prolonged emotional stress, which is shown to cause inflammation and back pain. While acupuncture for back pain can definitely provide relief in short term, the secret for long term recovery is to reduce your stress levels in combination with the treatment.

Exciting news for people who are afraid of needles can opt for sham (placebo) acupuncture for back pain instead of the real treatment. In the placebo treatment, the acupuncture needles are inserted only superficially, or an object like toothpick is used to apply pressure at the points to stimulate them. Although, not as effective as the real treatment, sham acupuncture can still be effective in reducing your back pain.