Acupuncture To Stop Smoking: Pros and Cons

Acupuncture to Stop SmokingMost people who turn into acupuncture to stop smoking come desperate in their search for a magic solution to end their never ending battle of smoking cessation. Some individuals tried quitting 3-4 and more times without any luck to simply resume the vicious cycle once again.

Acupuncture to stop smoking can not work on its own if you are not motivated and determined to give up your nicotine addiction. It can tremendously empower you to feel in control of your body, cravings, feelings and life. Acupuncture to stop smoking can also address your emotional, nutritional and lifestyle struggles you might encounter along the road to a cigarette-free living.

Acupuncture had been practiced as part of oriental medicine for many centuries to address a lot of ailments. Acupuncture to stop smoking needles and silver pellets are carefully placed on the specific acupuncture points with a purpose of detoxifying, clearing energy pathways and calming ones nerves. Acupuncturist might also recommend which herbs to take along with your smoking treatment and which lifestyle and nutritional modifications to consider maximizing the benefits of the treatment.

Nicotine withdrawal timeline for every smoker is different depending on the years of smoking, health conditions and other factors. On average, every patient involved in the acupuncture to stop smoking program will undergo 4-6 sessions followed by more treatments if necessary.

Acupuncture along with laser treatment to stop smoking work in a very similar pattern influencing body’s energy meridians and reducing inflammation, pain and easing unhealthy cravings.

No matter how effective acupuncture to stop smoking is for some patients, there are still some cons. There have been reports in a small group of people experiencing bruising, soreness and swelling following a session of acupuncture. Acupuncture to stop smoking can make you very relaxed to the point of fainting, so ask a friend or relative to accompany you and drive you back home to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios.

It can also become a great alternative treatment to the conventional smoking cessation methods with its multiple cons like nicotine gum side effects. Acupuncture to stop smoking could be your solution to kick the deadly habit and start living a nicotine-free and wholesome life.