Acute Myeloid Leukemia Symptoms and Treatment

Acute Myeloid LeukemiaMost symptoms of acute myeloid leukemia are not very pronounced, so it is easy for patients to unknowing carry the disease for period that is longer than necessary. This is a critical fact as chronic myelogenous leukemia can quickly become life threatening. In addition to paying attention to the symptoms of this form of cancer, you should also be aware of the different treatment options that exist.

Out of all of the treatment methods for acute myeloid leukemia that exist, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant remain the most popular. This is because these treatment options have the highest success rates. Cancer drugs can also be used to kill off acute myeloid leukemia cancer cells, but they can also kill off a large number of healthy white blood cells.

Acute leukemia prognosis depends on when you are first diagnosed. If caught during the earlier stages, aggressive treatment methods can be used to keep the disease from damaging additional tissue. This is also true of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

If you have acute myeloid leukemia, you may feel tired and your skin may easily bruise. You are likely to bleed profusely from relatively minor cuts, and you may even experience some weight loss. Other symptoms include raised body temperature or fever and labored breathing.

Unlike childhood leukemia, adults with this form of cancer do not respond as well to bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy. This may be because children are more resilient. Alternative treatment plans for blood cancer also include taking high dosages of vitamin C. This method will likely not be approved by your doctor as results have not been substantiated by modern medical studies.

You will have to severely alter you life in order to get the medical help that you need, but it is imperative that you put everything else aside, at least for now. All forms of leukemia are treatable, but there are no guarantees for any individual patient. Side effects from cancer drugs, radiation and chemotherapy can be negative, but these treatment methods can also help to save your life. If you have experienced any of the side effects listed above, make an appointment with your physician as soon as you possibly can.