African American Nose Jobs

African American Nose JobsAfrican American nose jobs are among the most challenging rhinoplasty procedures even for the best rhinoplasty surgeons for many reasons.

African American nose appears to be flat with depressed tip of the nose and excessively flared nostrils. The skin of the nose is usually thicker with abundant soft fatty tissues underneath that considerably hide the cartilage structures of the nose additionally contributing to difficulties in performing any ethnic rhinoplasty.

In order to achieve a more pronounced nose with a stronger bridge and raised tip of the nose, a surgeon employs two major techniques in African American nose jobs. To raise the tip of the nose and to reinforce weak cartilage, your plastic surgeon will add prosthesis or harvest your own cartilage from your ear or septum and implant it to create a support structure for your new more refined and delicate nose.

Apart from creating a stronger tip and bridge of the nose, another challenge in African American nose jobs remains widely flared nostrils that many patients are seeking to make smaller. Thicker than in Caucasian noses skin tends to heal slower and sometimes leave more noticeable scars. As with all wide nose rhinoplasty procedures, nostril reduction is one of the most difficult techniques to perform due to the necessity to achieve symmetrical and identical nostril openings.

A skilled plastic surgeon specializing in African American nose jobs thoroughly understands the anatomy of an African American nose and knows how to create a harmonious nose to complement the rest of the face and not make too Caucasian.

African American rhinoplasty for you will create a more defined and pronounced nose that enhances your face and at the same time preserving your African American heritage.

It is important to entrust your African American and Asian nose jobs with their multiple technical challenges in the hands of only the best plastic surgeons who are board certified and have numerous successful rhinoplasty outcomes.