Allegra Side Effects in Women

Allegra Side EffectsGenerally, most Allegra side effects are the same in women as they are in men. However, there are a couple of exceptions. In women, Allegra side effects can include painful menstrual cramps. There are also many other side effects that can happen to women on this antihistamine, but please note that these also occur in men.

Pollen allergy symptoms can be eliminated by consistent use of antihistamines. On the other hand, you might need to worry about some of Allegra’s more irritating side effects. When first starting these meds, you may have lower back pains, stomach ache, headache and feel tired. There are also serious Allegra side effects, which include facial swelling or hives, fever, chills and body ache. These are all considered to be quite serious, and sometimes life threatening signs that this drug is negatively interfering with your internal systems. Women are just as likely to have these Allegra side effects as men.

Claritin side effects are somewhat similar, but they tend to be milder than those of Allegra’s. Both of these drugs can be used to dust mite allergy. These side effects may be fleeting, but they can also last for as long as you are prescribed the med. Drug interactions can also occur if you take a prescription drug that interferes with this specific preparation.

As Allegra is used to treat both seasonal and year-long allergies, natural allergy remedies are usually not as useful. It is likely that you will build up a tolerance to home remedies like eucalyptus oil, but it is still worth trying out. If you have been prescribed this medicine and you stop taking it abruptly, all of your allergy symptoms will return quickly.

Allegra is generally thought of as a safe an effective allergy medication. While complications do sometimes arise, hospital emergency rooms are well equipped to deal with negative side effects. You may want to start off with the lowest dosage available before you start to take a larger amount. Not only will this help you to stop the side effects from occurring, it will also help to ensure that you can stay on the med for longer.