Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

Aloe Vera Juice Side EffectsThe possible aloe vera juice side effects experienced can vary from one person to the next. This juice is used by many people to treat a range of medical conditions and symptoms and is frequently included in quick weight loss diets. The juice of the aloe vera plant works as a laxative in the body and is used to help eliminate constipation. Some of the possible aloe vera juice side effects may be mild, and while these may be uncomfortable, they are not considered dangerous. Other side effects can be very serious and may even require medical attention. One side effect is an allergic reaction which can range from mild irritation to a life threatening condition.

There are many aloe vera juice benefits but certain individuals should not use this juice because of the possible side effects. Anyone who has gastro intestinal tract problems or diseases should avoid aloe vera juice because of the high possibility for aloe vera juice side effects. These can include intestinal cramping, diarrhea and other digestive symptoms. When the juice is used as a laxative, this can lead to ulcers and bowel irritation in some individuals. This may also occur if aloe vera extract is used in place of the juice from this plant.

Pregnant women should completely avoid aloe vera juice during pregnancy. One of the possible aloe vera juice side effects is hemorrhaging which can threaten a pregnancy at any stage. Before the juice is given to children or elderly individuals, a physician should be consulted. Organic aloe vera juice can cause the same side effects as non organic juice. Possible symptoms caused by the juice can include dehydration, an electrolyte imbalance in the body and low blood sugar which can be dangerous. A skin rash or skin irritation may also occur as a result of drinking aloe vera juice. This home remedy can be beneficial for some individuals but a physician should be consulted before the juice is used.