Alpha Lipoic Acid in Neuropathy

Alpha Lipoic Acid in NeuropathyThe use of alpha lipoic acid in neuropathy cases has shown some very promising results in scientific studies, and this antioxidant has been proven to help reduce neuritis symptoms in many individuals. One unusual aspect of this antioxidant is that it can be dissolved in both water and fat, and this is not true of most nutrients and antioxidants. This nutrient has been shown to help improve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes, and these include numbness and tingling in extremities. This improvement is caused because this antioxidant helps to lower your blood sugar. Another promising results of research is that this substance may help to revive other antioxidants after they have been depleted.

Using alpha lipoic acid in neuropathy treatment can help with almost any type of neuropathy. This fatty acid helps to kill off free radicals in your body, which can cause damage to the cells. In cases of optic neuropathy where this substance was used during treatment, symptoms of the nerve damage were not as apparent or painful, and improvement in nerve function was seen. Including alpha lipoic acid in neuropathy treatment can help to reverse surgeon types of nerve damage and symptoms. This antioxidant has even been shown to be beneficial to the autonomic nerves, which lead to your heart and keep you alive and healthy.

What disease that has seen numerous benefits from using alpha lipoic acid in neuropathy is diabetes. Nerves in many areas of the body are affected by diabetes, and nerve damage is a frequent complication. This disease can cause neuropathy in feet which can lead to amputation, as well as pain and other symptoms. If you suffer from neuropathy then a supplement of this fatty acid may be able to help you manage and treat this problem without drugs or surgical methods. Although more research needs to be done using alpha lipoic acid in neuropathy, the results which have been seen so far show that this fatty acid can be a valuable tool to help fight nerve damage from a number of causes.